Wed. May 10 #animationcels #imagetrace #automaticvectors #colorpencilgrid

Intro to Art: Handpainted Animation Cels (deadline)

  • RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to create a TRADITIONAL ANIMATION CEL through a class demonstration.
  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the class demonstration by LISTENING to multi-step instructions

The deadline for cel completion is at the end of the class period.  Any leftover cels that need to be completed will be homework as tomorrow we are dedicating the day to photographing and starting the recording process.

You will be tasked with creating an animation based off of the Disney character, Mickey Mouse.  You will be following along with a demo, as well as being introduced to some tools that will help this process out.

Graphic Coms: Using Image Trace to Automate Artwork

  • UTILIZE the IMAGE TRACE function to AUTOMATE the drawing of paths and anchor points on a digital image used to create vector art
  • Orally explain the use of the term AUTOMATE as it relates to computer functions by discussing steps in the image process in small groups.

In yesterday’s class we took a look at the benefits of using the IMAGE TRACE feature in Illustrator CS6.  An area we didn’t necessarily cover was what this feature does when it works with photographs of complex pixel arrangement (or in simple terms, photos of things).

Below you will find a video that summarizes specifically HOW to use IMAGE TRACE with a photo, and in class we will talk about the WHY you would use this feature along with a simple review of the steps and process(es).

Adv. Drawing: Color Pencil Mixing Grid

  • Choose from a variety different colored media to use in a class demonstration of COLOR THEORY information
  • Orally be able to describe the specific tools needed and their reasoning for use when creating a drawing that has color properties in it.

So you started yesterday working on the your color mixing grid, and today, I’d like to take some time to talk to you about the specifics on using the tools the correct way, as well as ways you can go about selecting proper colors for your artwork.

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