Mon. May 15 #exportingvideo #iMovie #finalproject #logomashup #coloredpencil #stilllife

Intro to Art: Exporting Your Animation

  • RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to digitally film a traditional animation using relevant technology such as a digital camera and computer software.
  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the class demonstration by LISTENING to multi-step instructions

So we are back at it again, and I have high hopes that everything will work….(yeah right)

Either way, we will pick up where we left off last week by using the newly updated iMovie for Mac.  Students will be walked through the process of saving the new film as a digital video, as well as review the steps to take when creating an animation using this software.

For students who may have been absent over the past few days, you can take a look at the quick video below that shows the basics on how the newest version of iMovie works:

Graphic Coms: Final Project pt. 1: Logo Mash-Up

  • Synthesize the combination of a previous digital design they have made in class and a professional logo that will be supplied for them in order to create a brand new digital composition which will be used in additional assignments.
  • Orally defend and explain their choices by responding to the supplied PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

As previously stated in a prior class, students will begin working on their 2-Part final project this week.  Students will select from one of the supplied logos (see weblink) to combine their original black and white letter mark logo to create a brand new digital design which will be featured on both their business card and cover letter/resume

Adv. Drawing: Colored Pencil Still Life

  1. Apply their understanding of various colored pencil techniques including CROSS HATCHING, LAYERING LOCAL COLORS, and UNDERPAINTING by creating a still life drawing using toned paper.
  2. Repeat content specific vocabulary to build a working memory of specific terms by asking/answering questions that their peers have about the current project using complete sentences.

Today we will start a in-class assignment, which will put your color pencil techniques to the test.  Working from your color mixing grid (from last week) each student will receive a piece of toned or colored paper in which they will be asked to quickly draft/draw the provided still life.

The task for this drawing will be to correctly identify which colors and blending techniques will work the best with your composition while still making the overall drawing look as realistic as possible.

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