Wed. May 24 ##animationfinal #resumefinal #coverletterfinal #portfoliofinal

Intro to Art: Animation Final Project

  • SWBAT RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to digitally film a traditional animation using relevant technology such as a digital camera and computer software.
  • SW orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We will continue to focus throughout this week on the multi-step process of creating a looping animation.  Attached/below you will find specifics on the concept and requirements that will be identified in this assignment.  You will need to make it a priority to recognize each requirements significance and the process(es) needed to take to be successful upon completion of this project.

Graphic Coms: Final Project pt. 2: Resume-Cover Letter Builder

  • STWBAT synthesize the combination of a previous digital design they have made in class and a professional logo that will be supplied for them in order to create a brand new digital composition which will be used in additional assignments.
  • SW  orally defend and explain their choices by responding to the supplied PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Each student will need to manage the files in a way that allows their technical abilities within the class to show through while also be sure to cover each requirement that was outlined within the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Adv. Drawing: Final Portfolio (Studio Day)

  • STWBAT synthesize the combination of previous drawing techniques they have used throughout the past semester in creating a portfolio showcasing their top 5 compositions/pieces.
  • SW orally defend and explain their choices by responding to the supplied PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Our class expectations/goals throughout the week will be the same as we continue up until the holiday break.  Each of you will receive class time to focus on your portfolio piece in class, but I am also looking for each one of you to reflect upon the work you’ve done during this time and be able to CRITICALLY assess yourself and the direction you are heading in.

Critical Thinking Question:  How many works do you have ready for your portfolio? If you had to describe or summarize the collection of work you have so far, what one word best puts this in perspective? Why?

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