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Intro to Art: “Show Me How To…” FINAL PROJECT

As promised, you will find attached links to the FINAL PROJECT Help Folder(s) which include a copy of yesterday’s presentation, checklist, past student submissions, as well as a project-by-project breakdown of your options.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the process of your choice, and be aware of the requirements that need to be met for your final project.  If there are issues that you are having difficulty with understanding, be sure to check in with me so that we can clear up any matters that require attention.


Student Examples

Graphic Coms: Sticker House Challenge

In preparation for our last print(able) project, we will take some time to review some of the basic steps when using geometric shapes as the building blocks for our illustrations.  We will cover in depth the Shape Builder tool along with some short-cut keys in an effort to also “study” up on some concepts before the final exam.

Below is demo video detailing the “How To’s” when the Shape Builder tool first debuted in Adobe Illustrator CS 5..

Adv. Drawing: Introduction to Digital Art (File Types & Manipulation)

As promised, we start our last week together, working on a style or process of drawing that should start to become a bit more relevant to you as you continue to grow as artists.  Throughout the week we will review some technologies that have been well established throughout the past 20 years or so and introduce ourselves to ways that you can capitalize on their strengths with your artworks.  By the end of the week, you will have a digitally colored image that can be used for print purposes on a variety of materials.
Below you will find a series of digital images we will be working with throughout the week. Feel free to download the line art from artist Skottie Young, and practice some of the steps we will work on throughout the week.

Digital Line Art Work Folder

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