Mon. Sept . 18 #valuescale #elementsofart #photoshopbasics #stilllife #pretest

Intro to Art: Creating a Value Scale

  1. SWBT create a 10 stage Value scale using materials and techniques used from previous classes
  2. SW orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content-specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Throughout the next few days we will be working with the drawing pencils in order to create a VALUE SCALE that will be utilized on your first Class Exercise (see Wed).  Be sure you have the ability to use three different drawing pencils and create three different values using each pencil on your notecard.

Digital Multimedia: Introduction to Photoshop Basics

  1. STWBAT demonstrate their understanding of the Photoshop interface by reviewing short tutorial videos that explain the setup, workspace, and navigation throughout the software.
  2. SW discuss questions and concerns they have with the videos using content specific language.

Lesson 1.2 and 1.3 Panels and Workspaces

Drawing: Drawing from Observation Pre-Test

For the next four days you will be working on a finished still-life drawing.  While the artist’s view will be your choice, the “playing field” will be level for everyone considering your model.  The following aspects of a finished drawing should be considered for this pre-test:

Layout and Scale:  How big will you be making this sketch?

Materials:  Which drawing materials are you the strongest with?

Basic Shapes:  Your ability to break down complex looking forms into basic geometric shapes

Value/Color: The ability to create slight detail using shades and tints.

Perspective: The “optical illusion” of making your drawing look three dimensional.

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