Fri. Oct. 6 #sketchbookchallenge #blendinglayers #selectionstools

Intro to Art and Drawing: Sketchbook Challenge #5

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

So here we are…One major project down, and we are back at it with a sketchbook challenge today.

These sketchbook challenges were intended to be a bit of a “palette cleanser” or a change from the typical make stuff atmosphere that we can get caught up in an art class.

Last challenge of the….marking period…?


  • Use today’s prompt the prompt list and create a drawing using only pen, marker, or sharpie
  • Post your new drawing within 24 hrs. using the hashtag…

#MHSsketchbookChallenge #MHSinktober

Graphic Coms: Using  Blending Layers and Selection Tools

  • SWBAT plan and employ effective strategies when using Photoshop to alter an image with the Blending Modes and Selection Tool(s)
  • STW utilize prior working knowledge to effectively carry out their intentions while using content specific vocabulary to discuss concerns with their work.

Many of you have quickly resolved this visual problem and are in a very awkward “hold” pattern with this project.  Today we will go over and review specifically the steps needed to be taken to save this project in its various file types.

Be sure to download any and all the necessary files hosted at Edmodo, before you get started.

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