Tues. Oct. 17 #penandink #contourline #crosscontour #doubleexposure #observationaldrawing

Intro to Art: Pen and Ink Techniques (cont.)

  • SWBAT identify the various ways to properly use PEN and INK by practicing value techniques in their sketchbook.
  • SW orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

Yesterday we spent some time looking into using the pen to create the illusion of value and some techniques and concepts to keep in mind when trying to use the HATCHING style of blending.

Today we will review the last three techniques in our sketchbook to get a better understanding of how these blending styles are meant to be practice, all the while spending time on the CORRECT and INCORRECT ways to make a shape look three-dimensional.

Digital Multimedia: Double Exposure Effect

  • STWBAT use layers and blending modes and selection tools in Photoshop to create varying effects on photographs
  • SW discuss questions and answers using content-specific vocabulary.

We will start a simple exercise that will put to task your abilities to use the tools discussed throughout last week to create a trendy double exposure advertisement.

Be sure to download the necessary files from Edmodo, which we will be utilizing throughout the class for the next few days as you work towards completing these techniques for Friday.

Drawing: Contour Line Observational Drawing

  • STWBAT apply their understanding for LINE and CONTOUR DRAWING techniques by working towards completion on an original composition
  • SW orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

We started our first “drawing from observation” during yesterday’s  class by studying the various types of lines that can be observed in shoes, and the way that they relate to each other by creating a unique composition to draw from observation.

Each student will work throughout the next 4 days to create a finished drawing which illustrates their ability to consider composition and drawing tools when creating a “finished” drawing.

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