Mon. Oct. 23 #pen&ink #CrossContour #layermask #clippingmask #value #colortheory

Intro to Art: Cross-Contour Techniques

  • STWBT engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan by practicing LINE SHAPES within a guided notes
  • SW  able to respond to the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, by prioritizing their daily tasks through filling out a DAILY GOAL FORM.

Going back to last week, I want to show you some techniques for creating LINED SHAPES that will allow you to easier see the CROSS CONTOUR sections of a form thus showing you where to start your blending/shading techniques with pen.

We will be taking some notes over the next few days, so be sure to come to class with your sketchbook!

Digital Multimedia: Double Exposure CRITIQUE and REVIEW

STWBAT to produce a comprehensive and expressive image using the images left over from a resource file.

SW able to respond to the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, by prioritizing their daily tasks through filling out a DAILY GOAL FORM.

In preparation for our upcoming project (and first to be printed), we will take a look back at last week’s submissions of the DOUBLE EXPOSURE assignment that each of you worked on independently. While you won’t necessarily need computers, I want to make it clear that today’s class period is in preparation for the upcoming project, which you will receive the requirements tomorrow. Be sure to make note of some of the most often missed or neglected issues I bring up so that you can prepare for them IF you are confronted with them during this week’s work time.

Drawing: Introduction to VALUE and COLOR

  • SWBT demonstrate comprehension for VALUE and COLOR THEORY by listening to PowerPoint presentation and following an in-class demonstration of the various drawing tools which will be used in classroom exercise(s) such as a student-created value scale
  • SW orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content-specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Where do we start this week?  So we’ve played around with various drawing styles, learned how to use LINE to create CONTOURS and CROSS CONTOURS, but what does this mean for a final drawing?  What comes next?  How do we bring additional elements of art into our drawings?

The answer is with VALUE and COLOR THEORY.  This week we will dive into the discussion of VALUE and it’s role in making drawings look three dimensional, while also comparing and contrasting its characteristics with COLOR.

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