Thurs. Oct. 26 #linedshapes #penandink #doubleexposurechallenge #layermask #clippingmask #value

Intro To Art: Lined Shape Challenge (Pen & Ink Blending)

  • SWBT combine elements from a previous work completed in class and their understanding of how LINED SHAPES are created, by building a creative and unique composition.
  • SW  able to respond to the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, by prioritizing their daily tasks through filling out a DAILY GOAL FORM.

Over the last few days you have been introduced to a variety of different drawing methods, which at the end would provide you with a series of 3-D looking forms.  Now these forms might not necessarily have specific names (irregular shapes), however, by following the techniques practiced in class, you were now aware of what these flat shapes would look like if wrapped in “invisible string” (cross contour lines) and thus use a PEN & INK blending technique to make the shape look like a form.

Below you will find a link to the project requirements as you will have the next 6 days to work on in class.


Digital Multimedia: Self-Portrait Poster Challenge (double exposure)

  • STWBAT to produce a comprehensive and expressive digital poster, suitable for print,  using imagery that is specific to the project challenge requirements.
  • SW able to respond to the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, by prioritizing their daily tasks through filling out a DAILY GOAL FORM.

Be sure to make note of the available resources available to you throughout the time that you have to work on this poster challenge.

Self-Portrait Double Exposure Challenge


Drawing: Using Value to Show FORM

  • SWBT demonstrate comprehension for VALUE and COLOR THEORY by utilizing skills practiced and rehearsed in class to apply to an actual observational drawing.
  • SW orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content-specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Piggy-backing on our work that we have been practicing with VALUE and “SHADING,”  we’ve created a VALUE SCALE and worked through some blending exercises in class to help you, the artist,  identify where those values are.

In class you will be given a grey scale image to copy in your sketchbook, I am looking for you to correctly identify the values that are in the image, by replicating them in your sketchbook by tracing out the contours of the object and then match the values a best as possible with your value scale.  This work will be completed in class and turned in for review upon the conclusion of the hour.

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