Wed. Nov. 15 #CompoundObjects #1ptPerspective #makingBrushes #colortheory #coloredpencils

Intro to Art: Perspective Drawing (Compound Objects and Interior Spaces)

  • STWBAT provide evidence through experimentation, practice, and persistence, the demonstration of new skills and knowledge in a chosen art form by following a class demonstration on PERSPECTIVE DRAWING.
  • STW write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question:

What are two things that you think are going to be challenging in creating a SUCCESSFUL and INTERESTING image of the high school hallways? 

Today we continue the look at what a 1 PT PERSPECTIVE DRAWING would look like as an INSIDE or INTERIOR view.  Through our class demonstrations, we will address question(s) like:

  1. How can the artist manipulate the vanishing point when the horizon line can’t be seen?
  2. How do you draw a floor or ceiling in 1 PT PERSPECTIVE
  3. What is EYE LEVEL?

Digital Multimedia: Creating a Dual Brush and Saving Brush Sets

  • SWBAT create a PAINTBRUSH in Adobe Photoshop from an image.
  • SW listen to directions and be able to retell specific steps taken in the demonstration by checking their peers work through a private critique.

Students will follow a set of printed instructions which will be made available by a shareable link on their respective EDMODO course page that walks them through the process of creating a DUAL TIP BRUSH.

Drawing: Color Pencil Techniques

  • SWBAT use choose from a variety different colored media to use in a class demonstration of COLOR THEORY information
  • SW orally be able to describe the specific tools needed and their reasoning for use when creating a drawing that has color properties in it.

Today we start a few day in class tutorial on using colored pencils to achieve color.  We will discuss color characteristics such as COLOR BALANCE, HARMONY, and SCHEME while working through a handout that you will refer to on an assignment to come later in the week.

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