Tues. Dec. 19 #2ptPerspectiveDrawing #objectchallenge #netneutrality #googleforms

Intro to Art: 2 PT. Perspective Object Challenge

  • Provide evidence through experimentation, practice, and persistence, the demonstration of new skills and knowledge in a chosen art form by following a class demonstration on PERSPECTIVE DRAWING.
  • Write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question: 

What type of challenges are you facing when attempting to use 75% of the drawing surface to represent your 3 objects?

Business as usual in class today…

Since class participation has been lackluster, students will choose from a list of objects that in order to receive full credit, students will need to select 3 objects and follow all perspective drawing rules to show their level of mastery.  Failure to complete this project will drastically lower students ability’s to successfully achieve a high mark in the semester final.2 PT Perspective Object Challenge.jpg

Digital Multimedia: Net Neutrality Digital Survey

Drawing: 1PT -vs- 2PT Perspectives

Resource image to be used for in-class drawing. Imagine what it would look like if you were standing in one of the corners of the room. Where would your diagonal lines go back to?

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