Tues. Feb. 13 #positivespace #negativespace #gridenlargement

Intro To Art: Making Stencils with Positive/Negative Space

  • STWBAT Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes by using X-ACTO knives to create a 1 color stencil
  • STW apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks by creating a 1 color stencil using steps that are demonstrated in class.

That’s a mouthful to type…

Anyways, we are going to start in with our first project (I know, it has been a long time coming), and start creating stencils much like the letter designs we have been discussing in class.  Below you will find a collection of downloadable notes that you can save/print and put into your sketchbook for reference


REFLECTION QUESTION: Throughout this demonstration today, and the exercises today/tomorrow, I’d like you to think about what the term SPACE means to you, and the connection or relationship between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE SPACE you may have noticed.

Adv. Drawing: Grid Enlargement and The Chuck Close Experiment

  • SWBAT apply their understanding for enlarging a photograph by recalling steps taken to create a grid drawing and building an enlarged image from a photograph.
  • SW listen to directions and be able to retell specific steps taken in the GRID ENLARGEMENT process by checking their peers work through a private critique.

We will wrap up our independent work using a grid to enlarge a simple drawing today during the first half of class.  With the second half, we will be focusing on artist Chuck Close and his use of the GRID ENLARGEMENT drawing/painting style in regards to our first independent finished drawing.

Below are the requirements and guidelines that you will be responsible for following to ensure full credit on your first assignment.

Chuck Close experiment.png

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