Tues. March 20 #colortheory #coloredpencils #guidednotes #shadingthenose

Intro to Art: Color Theory (Explained)

  • STWBAT conceive and create works of visual art that demonstrate an understanding of how the communication of their ideas relates to the media, techniques, and processes they use by creating a COLOR WHEEL from colored pencils.
  • SW Write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question:

I want to take some time to go over the answers from the GUIDED NOTES that you all worked on in class yesterday.  My goal is to continue this discussion throughout the hour so that you are a bit more comfortable with not only the upcoming project but also the final exam at the end of the year.

REFLECTION/EVALUATION: What was the most challenging part of the work today? Why was this most difficult? 

Adv. Drawing: How to Draw/Shade the Nose

  •  STWBAT DEMONSTRATE their comprehension of proportion and space involving the drawing and proper shading of the nose
  • STW IDENTIFY characteristics of portraiture drawing by labeling the correct terms within guided notes.

We continue where we left off last week, looking at the poses/studies of the nose.  This time the focus is being spent on the specifics of SHADING or adding VALUE to your drawings.  These exercises are much like what we have already experienced when working with the drawing pencils to create a value scale, now the goal is to correctly identify the areas where HIGHLIGHTS, MIDTONES, and SHADOWS will go, all while being able to defend your creative choices for using the drawing material you did in your work.

How To Draw a Nose – Side Profile

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