Tues. May 8 #traditionalanimation #walkingcycle #keyframes #inbetweenframes #gesturedrawing #pose

Intro To Art: Walking Cycle (Traditional Animation)

  • RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to create a TRADITIONAL ANIMATION CEL through a class demonstration.
  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the class demonstration by LISTENING to multi-step instructions

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, we will be using our traced drawings from the yesterday’s provided alongwlk01.gif with iMovie on the laptops to gain a better understanding on how traditional animations are created.

You will be tasked with creating a looping animation that shows our character in a continuous walking path using the images that you traced from last class or that you can download HERE.

Adv. Drawing: Gesture Drawing 30-90-3 min Poses

  • STWBAT RECALL information and specific characteristics of GESTURE DRAWING by recognizing the visual components in a class lecture.
  • STW ORALLY  ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

Throughout today’s class, we will be looking into the focus of GESTURE drawing while also discussing and demonstrating the importance of WARM-UP EXERCISES as well as proper drawing practice/posture.  We will take some time looking at this weeks pose packet as we work through each individual pose.

Below you can find a digital link to the poses used throughout today’s drawing session:

Gesture Drawing Session #1

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