Friday. May 25 #animationfinal #videofinal #portfoliofinal #finalreview

Intro to Art: Exam Review and Study Guides 

  • SWBAT RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to digitally film a traditional animation using relevant technology such as a digital camera and computer software.
  • SW orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Today we will spend the majority of time looking into the Study Guide that came out a few days ago, and any concerns you may have with missing information.  Again, the only thing you will be able to use on the exam is your SKETCHBOOK.  No additional handouts, or papers, so take this time to make sure any information you need is written down or recorded in your sketchbook.


Final Exam Practice Test

Digital Multimedia: Exam Review and Study Guides

For those of you that are absent today [Memorial Day Break]…we will be using the majority of time to review for the up-and-coming final exam for the course.  I am posting links to a study guide and a pre-test for students.

2017-18 Digital Multimedia FINAL EXAM Study Guide

Final Exam Practice Test

Adv. Drawing: Final Portfolio (Studio Day)

  • STWBAT synthesize the combination of previous drawing techniques they have used throughout the past semester in creating a portfolio showcasing their top 5 compositions/pieces.
  • SW orally defend and explain their choices by responding to the supplied PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Our class expectations/goals throughout the week will be the same as we continue up until the holiday break.  Each of you will receive class time to focus on your portfolio piece in class, but I am also looking for each one of you to reflect upon the work you’ve done during this time and be able to CRITICALLY assess yourself and the direction you are heading in.

Critical Thinking Question:  What are three things you want to work on to wrap it up for the day/assignment?

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