Tues. Sept. 18 #valuescale #warmupexercises

Intro to Art: Value Scale Exercise

  • SWBT create a 10 stage Value scale using materials and techniques used from previous classes
  • SW orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content-specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Throughout the next few days we will be working with the drawing pencils in order to create a VALUE SCALE that will be utilized on your first Class Exercise (see Wed/Thurs).  Be sure you have the ability to use three different drawing pencils and create three different values using each pencil on your notecard.


Drawing: Warm-Up Exercise Practice (w/ Shaded Sphere)

yesterday’s class we discussed the importance of warming up before actually starting a drawing or sketch as well as few beginner type mistakes everyone makes from time to time.

Today I would like you guys to take the abbreviated time in class to do a quick warm-up that will lead you into the shaded sphere exercises.  Things that I would like you to focus on as you work through the class period include:

  • Line Quality: You ability to control the line with the proper technique for holding the pencil
  • Value: The ability to not only identify but replicate the proper values represented in a still-life or photo reference
Photo reference to use for shaded sphere exercise

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