Wed. Sept. 19 #valuescale #warmupexercises #value #line #drawingfromobservation

Intro to Art: Value Scale Exercise

  • SWBT create a 10 stage Value scale using materials and techniques used from previous classes
  • SW orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content-specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

We are going to look to wrap up the work on our 10 stage Value Scale(s) that were started back on Monday.  Throughout today’s class, we will be working with the drawing pencils in order to create a VALUE SCALE that will be utilized on your first Class Exercise (see Wed/Thurs) as well as your first project challenge.  Be sure you have the ability to use three different drawing pencils and create three different values using each pencil/eraser/blending sticks on your notecard.

As an example, your values should be organized in a specific LIGHT-DARK format.

Drawing: Warm-Up and Observational Drawing Exercise

  • SWBAT apply various warm-up drawing exercises before starting a longer observational drawing.
  • SW  compare and contrast work from a previous drawing session and describe the strengths and weakness from one drawing to the other.

So yesterday’s half-day may have been a little out of the norm, but we are back at it today.  Take the first 5-10 minutes to gather drawing supplies and warm-up using newsprint paper.

We will take a look at a simple geometric still life [in class] which focus specifically on, line quality and value.  In class, we will discuss various artist tools that you have at your disposal that will aid in bring your levels up to a mastery level.

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