Fri. Oct. 19 #sketchbookchallenge #parentteacherconference

Intro to Art and Drawing: Sketchbook Challenge #7

These sketchbook challenges were intended to be a bit of a “palette cleanser” or a change from the typical make stuff atmosphere that we can get caught up in an art class.  Today’s challenge takes on a bit of a different look:


  • Using the app game Fill (iTunes link) (Google store link), and the abbreviated time in class (24 mins) try to beat my scores on the first three levels using a limited amount of game hints.
  • Players must select one of the three levels pictured to try and outplay the instructor
  • If you meet or beat the stage indicated on the level of your choice, YOU WIN credit for this week’s sketchbook.  If you don’t…no credit
  • As an added bonus, any hints over the number 15 that are left will be counted as extra credit on this week’s score, any hints under 15 will be deducted from this week’s score.

A screenshot showing the last level along with the number of hints obtained or used is required for getting credit on this assignment.

A screenshot of my progress after a 20 min. timer.

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