Fri. Feb. 22 #sketchbookchallenge


  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

These sketchbook challenges were intended to be a bit of a “palette cleanser” or a change from the typical make stuff atmosphere that we can get caught up in an art class.

This Week’s Themed Challenge:

  • Find 3 random objects from throughout the art room and organize them together for a single photo to be taken.
  • Knowing what we’ve already discussed about POSITIVE and NEGATIVE space, use your pencil to draw/outline all the GAPS (NEGATIVE SPACE) in your photograph.
    • IMPORTANT: Focus just space around the objects and the open areas between the objects.  No details should be drawn.
  • Only using TWO COLORS, focus on filling in these areas with a color scheme that brings attention to the new, abstract shape.  Be sure to fill in all the NEGATIVE/POSITIVE spaces leaving NO WHITE GAPS BEHIND.
  • Post your new drawing within 24 hrs. using the hashtag…#MHSsketchbookChallenge 

For anyone interested in recommending music to listen to, you can SUBSCRIBE my Sketchbook Challenge Playlist below and add recommendations with the link:  Sketchbook Challenge Playlist

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