Mon. March 25 #watercolorexperiments #faciallandmarks #lips #eyes

Intro to Art: Watercolor Experiments (Day 1)

  • Understand and apply media, techniques, and processes by following an in-class watercolor demonstration using various “non-traditional” painting materials.
  • Write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question:

Reflection Question:  What do you or have you already experienced with paint?  Considering all the things we discussed in class today, what is ONE thing that was new to you that had been presented in class?

In-Class Demonstration:

Adv.Drawing: Facial Landmarks (Lips & Eyes)

  •  STWBAT DEMONSTRATE their comprehension of proper procedures for doing timed gesture drawings of the human form
  • STW IDENTIFY characteristics of GESTURE DRAWING by labeling their LINE OF ACTION with one of the three main types

We will be wrapping up the last of the facial landmarks this week, by looking into the eye and lips.  Remember, our goal throughout this whole process was not only to learn how to draw better but be able to explain the reasoning for making the marks in the areas we did.

The Loomis Method, helps us by breaking down the features of the head and placing them proportionately while making measurements and marks off of what we already know.  Throughout the week, I’d like you to pay attention to your practice sessions each class period, as the true mark of skill development will show through.

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