Wed. May 15 #animationchallenge #keyframe #inbetweenframe #finaldrawingportfolio

Intro to Art: Animation Challenge (Final Project)

  • RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to create a LOOPING ANIMATION through a class demonstration.
  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the class demonstration by LISTENING to multi-step instructions

We have entered, the single digit countdown, Day 9, towards the end of this course.  Below you will find the presentation to this project, including guidelines, requirements, and submission dates/procedures.

Be sure that you use these days to work through not only the project challenge detailed below, but to submit any past due class exercise that was connected to this unit.  You can find links to those posts w/directions below:

Fri. May 3rd Bouncing Ball post

This will be the last project of the course, (excluding the FINAL PROJECT) so you will not be required to work on any sketchbook challenges for the remainder of the semester.

Adv. Drawing: Portfolio Days (Day 7)

We will continue to use class time to work on your final drawing portfolios.  Be sure that any specific supplies or materials that you need are gathered by the end of the class period in preparation for the inventory and storage of leftover supplies.


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