Wed. June 5 #finalproject #finalportfolio

Please refer to the adjusted schedule for next week’s finals:

  • Monday, June 10 Full Day ALL FINAL PROJECTS DUE AT END OF HR
  • Tuesday, June 11 Half Day Exams for 1st-2nd-3rd HRS
  • Wednesday, June 12 Half Day Exams for 4th-5th HRS
  • Thursday, June 13 Half Day Exams for 6th-7th HRS
  • Friday, June 14  Half Day

Intro to Art: “Show Me How To…” FINAL PROJECT

As promised, you will find attached links to the FINAL PROJECT Help Folder(s) which include a copy of today’s presentation, checklist, past student submissions, as well as a project-by-project breakdown of your options.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the process of your choice, and be aware of the requirements that need to be met for your final project.  If there are issues that you are having difficulty with understanding, be sure to check in with me so that we can clear up any matters that require attention.


Student Examples

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adv. Drawing: Portfolio Days (Final In-Class Day)

A little change up from the normal “Portfolio Day” as I want to demo with you some digital aspects to drawing using Photoshop and the Wacom tablets.  You can find the downloadable file we will work with below:


We will continue to use class time to work on your final drawing portfolios.  Be sure that any specific supplies or materials that you need are gathered by the end of the class period in preparation for the inventory and storage of leftover supplies.


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