Friday, Sept 6 #sketchbookchallenge

Intro to Art and Drawing: First Sketchbook Challenge

  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

It’s finally here…

Our first “ART” adventure!  I’m not really sure what I meant by that, but needless to say we are shifting gears from “rules and routines” talk to CREATING, and that is a good thing.

Every Friday you will have a themed SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE.  In the beginning of the hour I will present the theme, and you will have 1 full class period to work on your idea…the following are the guidelines and rules for this challenge:

  1. You may use any materials in the class or personal tools that you have to work your idea out.
  2. Even though this is called a “sketch” challenge, you are not limited to just drawing.  Any style of art can be used including ink, watercolor, pastel, etc.
  3. Students must follow the theme for credit, but are encouraged to creatively think their way through the theme.
  4. Within 24 hrs. students are required to POST their work through either a social media platform such as Instagram or Twitter or by email using the specific hashtag #MHSsketchbookChallenge

So what is this week’s theme?

“When Summer Break Goes Wrong”


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