Tuesday, Sept 24 #subplan #valuescale #drawingexercises #photoshopintro

Intro to Art: Value Scale and Shading Exercise

So as you can see I am not currently in the room today, and if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably already watched the video above.

My goal for while I am out of the room today is that you all will continue to work through your value scale in an effort to create 10 different values.  Those values should be organized in a gradual increase/decrease so that it makes sense as to what values build-up to get the desired result.  I am not collecting this upon completion however it will be turned in with your large project, so be sure to hold on to it or the next few days.

You may also work ahead with the Shading Exercise Worksheet located on my desk as this will be collected on Thursday at the end of the hour.

Drawing: Warm-Up and Line Drawing Exercise(s)

Sorry for the long video, but I had to give you an explanation of your options.  Be sure that you only pick two of the exercises to work on, as doing a third will not be accepted for any type of extra credit.

These exercises will be collected at the end of class Wednesday as we move towards your first drawing.

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