Fri. Nov. 22: #1PtPerspectiveChallenge #PenandInkDrawings

Intro to Art: 1 Pt Perspective Challenge (Perspective Packet)


Microsoft Word - Perspective Packet.doc
Page 2 of the 1 Pt. Perspective Packet
  • STWBAT provide evidence through experimentation, practice, and persistence, the demonstration of new skills and knowledge in a chosen art form by using their name for the subject matter of a 1 pt perspective drawing.
  • STW write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question: 
    • What are two things that you can start to see as you create shapes that connect to the idea of making forms?

Drawing: Pen and Ink Portfolio Drawings

STWBAT apply their understanding for LINE and CONTOUR DRAWING techniques by working towards completion on an original composition

  1. SW orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

The last day is here, and you will be wrapping up the second portfolio drawing.  Here are some things to remember:

  • Be sure that you are aware of the requirements (see attached link)
  • Make sure that you have filled out the necessary Critique Form found in our Google Classroom link
  • Have digital photos backed up of your work in case you need to refer to them in the next few days.

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