Tues. Jan. 28 #WelcomeBack #SecondSemester #coursewebsite #supplylist #digitaltools

All Classes: Digital Tools and Supply Lists

To all students:

Below you will find various links to handouts, information, lists, and specific digital practices or routines that you will be required to understand and be responsible for.  Throughout the hour today, we will review these concepts and outline the procedures to take when an opportunity presents itself to use these technology-based tools.

Be sure to download, register, and or gather all information that is relevant to the course you are enrolled in as these will be the procedures followed for the rest of the year.

Supply List


Once you’ve got a chance to log in with your computer, I’d like you to follow the instructions below that will guide you through the simple steps of turning in a digital assignment for this course.

  1. Locate the images iPhone wallpaper images I created from a sketch below and choose one to download and make as your phone’s wallpaper (just for the hour, you can change it back, later on, no feelings hurt)
  2. Take a screenshot of your phone, with the new wallpaper now on it, making sure that the time and date are on your screen. See the image for an example:Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 7.07.26 AM.png
  3. Using either your phone device or Airdrop on the computer, send the screenshot file to me using the form below.  Be sure to fill in ALL NECESSARY information fields to get credit for this first easy assignment.


  4. Link to Turn-In Form

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