Thurs. Feb. #space #stencil #multicolorstencil #loomisheads #landmarks

Intro to Art: Creating Multi-Colored Stencils

  • Gain an understanding for the use of different styles of SPACE by altering what marks are present on a piece of paper.
  • Create a ONE COLOR stencil by using letters/numbers from an in-class demonstration to make POSITIVE SPACE from NEGATIVE SPACE.

Picking up where we left off yesterday…

You’ve had a chance now to practice cutting out the stencils’ POSITIVE SPACE, and today we are going to focus on applying the stencil using open gaps that are leftover.  Remember to add islands on any area that needs to preserve or hold on to those NEGATIVE SPACE gaps.  See the image below for additional help:

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
Here are the “cut-outs” for each color of the stencil.

REFLECTION QUESTION: Throughout this demonstration today, and the exercises today/tomorrow, I’d like you to think about what the term SPACE means to you, and the connection or relationship between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE SPACE you may have noticed.


Adv. Drawing: Loomis Heads and Landmarks

  1. APPLY  your ability to identify the locations of specific facial landmarks and practice your skills on drawing them in proper proportions.

Yesterday we worked on looking at the nose as a facial landmark on a Loomis Head.  Today, we will take a look at how the eyes and mouth correspond to the nose and what it looks like when you put everything together.

You will have some time over the next few days to work through practicing these landmarks.  Use the reference images below to practice in your sketchbook.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  For those of you interested…An incredibly helpful website resource that I’ve been using for a long time as an artist is available to you and free to set-up an account.  Follow this link : and join to create your free account.  Here you will be able to view and save any type of art or posting that you find inspiration or just simply something you would like to refer to later on in your own personal work.


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