Monday, March 23 #covid19 #cornavirus #HIATUS


What a week! Since Covid-19 seems to be dominating EVERY conversation these days I thought I’d spare you some more of that and just share some cool comics, cool art, and a cool flower. This is an anxiety free posting.  I’m going to try and keep up my schedule of drawing each day and continuing to read and setting some time aside each Friday to hang out with you guys virtually.

1) NEW VIDEO: The Anatomy of a Short Hellboy Comic

If you want to make short comics, you need to read and study short comics. Here is how to write your short comic based on everything I’ve learned from Mike Mignola’s short comic “Dr Carp’s Experiment.”

This is one of MY FAVORITE comic short stories ever. It blew my mind when I read it way back in 2003. And an artist friend of mine, Jake Parker, did a great job picking it apart to see why it’s so great in this video. LINK

2) What I am Reading

A fabulous series by artist/writer Kazu Kibuishi, something that I never really thought I would get into, but OH MY GOSH is it addictive.  A mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, this series was originally written for the younger age group, but I really think that it holds up in older hands.  Take a peak and read some samples if you’re interested.  I know that SCRIBD and Apple Books have offered some deep discounts and even free subscriptions to ebooks during these strange times.  Worth a check.\


4) Aztec Empire Web Comic

If you’re looking for something to read while on lockdown, and you want to learn about a fascinating culture AT THE SAME TIME then check out Aztec Empire, written by Paul Guinan and illustrated by David Hahn. Expertly crafted and well told account of the fateful clash between civilizations.



That’s all for this week. Stay safe and stay isolated!

Mr. Pappas

Instagram: Jim_Pappas


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