Monday, March 30 #covid19 #cornavirus #HIATUS


I’ll try to keep it brief here for this week’s post as the wind kept me up a lot last night and I’m still a little tired. Please excuse any spelling errors in the process…

Drawing Challenges


If you’ve been following my Instagram lately you’ll know I’ve been working on the #marchofrobots art challenge this month (which will be wrapping up soon).  Now I’ve spent a little bit of time thinking about what the next challenge will be…

as a huge fan of artist Jake Parker, I give you his INKTOBER52…

⁣It’s a slower, more manageable way to participate in Inktober. ⁣

I explain it in more detail in this post here: LINK

⁣With so many people stuck at home now is a great time to catch up and participate in this weekly challenge. My favorites are shared on the @inktober account!⁣

⁣Lastly, you can use whatever tools you want. ⁣

Art Supply Giveaway!


I’ve tried to get into this a little this school year, but an awesome GIVEAWAY courtesy of Mr. Jake Parker

My wife had a great idea to help out a handful of high school and college kids who are stuck at home: give away some FREE art supplies!⁣

Detaill on how you can get in on this here: LINK

(Note: for high school and college students only. If you aren’t one, but know one, send them the link)

I found an old folder on my hard drive full of random images I downloaded over a decade ago. Enjoy:


That’s all for this week. Stay safe and stay isolated!

Mr. Pappas

Instagram: Jim_Pappas


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