Monday, April 6 #covid19 #cornavirus #HIATUS


Here’s a round-up of stuff I’ve been drawing lately.

March of the Robots 2020IMG_0291.PNG

Everyone year there are a few drawing challenges that I do, just as a way to keep myself going.  Last month’s March of the Robots was fun, but it had its challenges.  Sometimes I’ll make up my own rules, like taking the weekends off or only using a specific color, but this year’s challenge helped me look at something I teach every year, but never really incorporate it into my own work…ANIMATION.

A few months ago, Procreate (a digital drawing app available for the iPad) added animation support.  Now there is a whole bunch of tutorial videos that explain the do’s and don’ts when working with this feature, but I have to admit, I was really satisfied with the outcome above.


This guy is doing some great videos on YouTube if you’re wanting to learn and get better. In this video, he looks at the art of 5 different artists on Instagram and breaks down what makes their work so good. Some of the artist I follow was featured on his latest episode which got my attention, but I ended up subscribing because I checked out a few other videos and he’s great.

Here’s his channel: LINK

Alien inspiration for the day

A Jacana carrying chicks underneath its wings.

















That’s all for this week. Stay safe and stay isolated!

Mr. Pappas

Instagram: Jim_Pappas


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