So here we go…

First of all, I hope that for the last few weeks you all have been safe!

Since I was away at a conference when all of these changes started to take place, I’ve been pretty bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.  I guess everyone else is in the same boat here so that takes a bit of the pain off, but still…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve hesitated on replying to much about assignments and course work as there were so many updates coming in and special actions to take, I really didn’t know exactly what to say.  Those of you that reached out through email or social media, it was awesome to talk to you!

As I am sure you will be hearing from your other teachers in the upcoming days, MHS is dedicated to continuing to deliver learning opportunities to all students, which is just a fancy way of saying…YES, we are still teaching our course work.  Now, I understand that there are a ton of questions that you will probably have, and some a little more specific than others, however, I wanted to address how this will affect my classes and those of you working on this from home.

Intro to Art and Drawing 1-2

Since our curriculum was pretty similar to begin with, starting April 20, I will have a lesson posted both on my website, google classroom, and in print-form available for pick up, all dealing with drawing prompts that covers concepts we’ve dealt with in the past.

Digital Multimedia 1-2 and ADV. Digital Multimedia 3-4

A huge obstacle for us is obviously the fact that ALL of the digital video work we worked on was specific to OUR in class machines, not to mention the specific software as well.

For our classes, I am going to offer up two unique opportunities, as well as the original course work for you guys to choose how you’d like to be evaluated.

1. Option 1: Weekly Course Work – involves simple video production worksheets with Q & A check-ups.

2.  Option 2: Video Blog – simple 3-5 minute video shot with your device checking in on how the break has effect you and how your coping.

3. Option 3:  Guest Appearance on a Web Show: that’s right…hosted by yours truly…ME.  All you have to do is have a way to get online, and I’ll do the rest.  This includes, interview questions by me to you and silly online games.  The show will only be a few minutes and air on Friday’s between 10 and 11 am.

Like I said, I’m sure that there are a ton of questions, but I part I need to make you aware of is the following:

Those of you who have signed out materials, mainly digital devices, such as the camera and iPads.  The school is requiring those devices be returned ASAP.  Please do your best to get those back to the school next week as best as you can.  The office has a list of the materials that are out so they are on the look.

Starting next week April 20, I will be available to speak with you one on one on Friday’s from 10-11 if you have special questions.  You can call/text (313) 312-5094, email pappasj@melnapschools.com or mrpappas1@gmail.com.

I have Google Classrooms set-up for all of my classes.  Those of you who are already enrolled in a tech-based class already have the code, those of you who this is new for can fill out the form below and I will send over the code for the class so you can register and start to get to work.

I totally understand that these times are incredibly strange and I wish I had more answers for everyone, but the best thing we can do is stay safe and keep communication open.

Please, do the best you can and I hope to see you all soon!!!

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