Whew! Done yelling…

So, today marks the first “art” based project I’ve been able to assign to a live class in almost 18 months….you feel that? Chills!!!

Anyways, each Friday we will start the class by going over the prompts for the days sketch challenge.

As a reminder, this “assignment” is a credit/no credit task.  Many students lose really easy points, simply by not paying attention to the prompt, challenge, or rules of the sketch challenge. With all that said, this week’s challenge goes in a fun and hopefully relaxing direction:

This Week’s Themed Challenge:

  • Think about something/someone that has been incredibly important to you over the past few months.
  • Write down what that “thing” is and three types of feelings you have about it being so important.
  • Take your time throughout the hour to do your best drawing of this important item in your life using at least 75% of the drawing surface (so no tiny drawings)
  • Post your new drawing using the email the address on the board –OR- use the submission link below.

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