About me…

Well you’ve gotten this far!!!

It’s a great start, right?  Since you’ve clicked on the “About Me…” tab, I assume you want to know a little bit about me.  First of all, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have been teaching now for 7 12  15yrs.  I have always been interested in creative things, which led my to pursuing a field in art at an early age.  Since taking art classes at an early age, I’ve always appreciated the amount of technical work that is put into “making something” and it is that interest in the process that helped me get my degrees in Graphic Design as well as Art Education. (and a Masters’ Degree in Educational Technology 2014)

Currently I live with my family, locally in Downriver, Michigan.  Along with our 100lb. dog Sam, we enjoy trips, family life, and any special events that come along.  During the summer months I do freelance illustration work, which if your interested, you can always follow my personal Instagram account (username: jim_pappas) just to keep my skills up, and during the winter months I can be found either outside at a frozen pond, at the ice rink, or in front of the TV watching hockey.  I’ll try not to bore you too much with the intricacies of probably the greatest game ever invented, but I will tell you this much, I love hockey!

I look forward to another great school year and can’t wait to see what we can create!

4 Replies to “About me…”

  1. Am I allowed allowed to continue working on my collage project when we come back?

  2. Because I didn’t finish it. And I wanted to know if I could get full credit

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  4. Mr.pappas I haven’t been there cause I’ve been sick and today I was at the Romeo and Juliet play. I haven’t got all the tools yet am I going to have any extra time?

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